What Idle Prattle!
Hey all! I'm an illustration student at RISD hoping to one day miraculously transform into a comic book artist. I love anime, puns, and stories. I also enjoy conversing, so message me if you feel any burning desire to have a firsthand encounter with a real-life dork.

Hey all! Going on hiatus for a bit since arkrevner and I will be selling at Interventioncon (totally tell me if any of you are going). 

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How do you go about choosing the type of style you will use for a work? To me, you seem to have a natural way of selecting an art/coloring style or media to fit the mood of the final product (but that's just me ^^;)


Really I just go with what style I feel like drawing in. If I want it to be quick I use a simpler style and composition. If it’s more serious I’ll tend to use a more realistic style. The subject of the piece changes the colors I use as well (I associate characters and series with certain colors). It also depends on what I’m using; the stuff I draw on the computer tend to be doodles (since I don’t like drawing digitally as much but it’s easier for a quick upload). I also change my approach if I’m using gouache or watercolor (as certain styles are more ideal for them). So I suppose that’s why? Or I draw it first and just mess around until I find a coloring style I like.

Sorry for the long explanation. I’ve been wondering about what my followers think about my using different styles actually. I’m so happy you think they fit!  

I love you so much! Thank you for all yours chrestomanci comics!


Aaa Thank you! I should get back on those since I have more ideas 

Just messing around. Man I love hips. 

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And even if they try

They’ll never take your body from my side

Love don’t die

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I was trying to say “Don’t stipple when you can crosshatch” and almost said “Don’t stipple when you can crossfade” 

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I’ve been drawing Weaver a lot lately. He’s a pleasing character. I want to draw him in his underwear.

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These are from a while ago but I thought I should say that I’ll love Fruits Basket till the day I die. 

Plan to draw more. Too many cute couples are in Furuba. 

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Some WIP shots I took of school projects from the past year. 

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Hey! Um I am basically in love with you and your personality and your drawings! :) I absolutely love your acc and I felt that I should let you know. :)

Oh man! Oh hey! Wow thanks! That just made my day! I’m glad you like my Air Combat Command! 

(Jk I’m terrible with this fancy inter-web slang but I think acc is account. (Yeah you got it Emett don’t worry you’re hip.))