What Idle Prattle!
Hey all! I'm an illustration student at RISD hoping to one day miraculously transform into a comic book artist. I love anime, puns, and stories. I also enjoy conversing, so message me if you feel any burning desire to have a firsthand encounter with a real-life dork.

I only made this because I needed somewhere to put this pun.  

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For my intro to digital class. So excited to use my photoshop skills to solve real-world problems. 

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Sorry I haven’t been posting. Due to the classes I’m taking I’ve spent a lot of time staring at computer screens and I’ve confirmed…they are evil? 


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I’ve been looking at a book of vintage posters for inspiration lately. 

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Today marks the third time someone said “I love you,” to me and I replied “Thanks.” 

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Reworked this and by reworking it I mean that I erased the concept behind it and added some anime shit

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I didn’t want to derail notmusa’s post about this but I wanted to comment on it all the same. It’s fueled by my pet peeve of people using “literally” incorrectly but I think it’s just silly when people comment on my art posts saying “literally me.” Well no, it’s literally not you. In fact, if it’s an autobiographical comic (which it usually is) then it is literally me. Not something that actively pisses me off (unless it’s super personal) but it’s something I see and then take a long sip of tea while staring at. 

In other news notmusa is one of my favorite tumblr artists and you should go check out their work because it is fantastic (especially if you want to see teeth, hands, and interesting OCs that jump off the screen with life).

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Drew some Daniels because I was bored. I messed up Dan’s suit but whatever he a tool anyway. 

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Finally started editing drawings from the summer

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Okay what is this xiaj wupics nonsense.