My cats are always judging me
Hey all! I'm an illustration student at RISD hoping to one day miraculously transform into a comic book artist. I love anime, puns, and stories. I also enjoy conversing, so message me if you feel any burning desire to have a firsthand encounter with a real-life dork.

I typically will update once a day...my queue runs out and I can't find a scanner...


These are the Princess Tutu keychains I made the day before Otakon! I’m happy to say that Tutu and Fakir sold out! Also, to the girl who was lovely enough to run back and give me instructions to find the magical girl print: I forgot to look for it! And then I found it on tumblr! I WOULD’VE LOVED THAT POSTER! I WOULD HAVE BOUGHT IT! GODDAMNIT!

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